Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Last week of Seven Year Olds

Just a short recap of some recent events leading up to their birthday next weekend. 

I was cutting their hair last night and after successfully manhandling one to get his done, didn't realize the guide was not on the clippers and made one swipe across the other's head and scalped him!  All I could do at the time was cut it short.  I think when I have more time I can cut it shorter and make it look more intentional.  He told me at school today that he is embarassed by it.  I feel so bad for him.  He wanted to wear a hat - not allowed at school of course.

He lost another tooth tonight.  Now he has all four front teeth back in and both next bottom teeth out.  A big snaggle.  We had to hurry to get something to put the tooth in because "The tooth fairy could come any minute!"

They both love for me to be at school for any reason - PTO, volunteering, or lunch.  They run to hug me but when I kissed number one the other day I got the "Mahh..ahm!".

They are becoming more individual.  Age and having their own rooms I suppose.  They are still very much alike, but there are many subtle differences. 

We have good friends nearby who have near adult twin boys who are dear to my boys.  Mine, though, didn't think the older ones were twins because they don't look alike.  As much as we have talked about twins and other multiples, I didn't know they thought they were all identical.  Those they have been closest to have been identical or at least looked a lot alike.  Funny. 

We don't even know if ours are identical or not.  There was no information given at birth and it was a crazy birth.  Someday I'd like to have a DNA test to see - just out of curiosity.